One Week Down

First week down. It was a tough one in general because of an exhausting bad cold and a tight time schedule, but I accomplished some workouts anyway and feel pretty good about things. I have my first aches and pains – a little foot pain and knee pain that responds well to motrin so far but may be the first sign of things to come. Surprisingly I find that my enthusiasm at this stage has overcome my lack of time and fitness and I’m still getting up and out there to work out. This week consisted of 3 runs for a total of 8 miles and about 2.5 hours of biking. This is very little compared to where I’ll need to be in June but it’s a good start.

Lots of people so far have seemed fairly shocked that I wanted to do this or have remarked that “I didn’t know you were such an athlete”. Well, luckily, being an athlete is not a prerequisite because I am no such thing. The only sport I’ve even slightly excelled in was swimming and that was in high school. Luckily, one does not forget how to swim and that will come in handy in June. For most of my early 20s my greatest athletic feat was bar golf, but by residency I discovered that exercise was good stress relief and I began doing a lot of spin classes for general exercise. I still don’t even own a road bike (one is on its way soon any day now though) and, although I have done it on and off for years, I actually hate running. I seem to develop pain in some part of my body whenever I try to run and that is probably my biggest fear of this triathlon – that damn run at the end. However what I lack in athleticism I make up for in pure stubbornness and I believe that will help me make it through this thing in the end.

I started this second training week off well today with a “brick” workout of almost an hour on the bike followed directly by a 3 mile run.  One reason they call it a “brick” workout is because that’s how your legs feel when you get off a bike and try to run. After about 5 minutes of running though my legs began to feel like normal again and I think I even stopped scowling and groaning (although I’m not sure about that one). This is about half the distance of what I will have to do in June which is certainly frightening but I have 4 months to get there. Oh yes, and there is that little complication of the swim at the beginning of the race. We’ll think about that next week.


One Response to “One Week Down”

  1. Emma Says:

    Sounds like a stong good week. Keep up the good work. We’ve come a long way since those bar golf days.

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