Simple Bare Necessities

This blog entry comes to you through the lovely wireless internet services of the UNC Pediatric ER. On Thursday night Meg developed sudden vomiting and her body has refused all liquids for 36 hours now so we’re here to get her hydrated and hopefully break the throw up cycle. She’s done this before with a GI virus. Seems she has more trouble than most kids fighting it off and recovering.

This experience has got me thinking about what the real necessities of life are. Fluid for sure since just 36 hours without any will end you up here in a windowless closet size room with jolly painted scenes on the wall. Food too I suppose – although many of us get too much of that. And, for me, sleep is a biggie. Since she woke up every 15-20 minutes most of Thursday night I got no sleep at all. It’s thankfully been a while since that happened. It brought back memories of residency and labor and the first 3 months of my girls’ lives – all painful times in one way or another. I become a different person without sleep and it’s not pretty. I knew this about myself so that one is not a shock. However, I have recently discovered that exercise is just one notch below sleep for me on the priority list.

As awful as I felt this morning I went out for a run and my attitude and energy shift afterward is impressive. So, believe me, this triathlon training is not entirely selfless. I’m getting a lot out of it too. I had several good workouts this week including runs where I wasn’t counting the seconds until it was over. I feel stronger and more optimistic than before and with the extra exercise perhaps I can better handle life as it comes at me. We’ll see since there happens to be a lot coming at me at the moment.


2 Responses to “Simple Bare Necessities”

  1. Emma Says:

    Ohh. I hope Meg is doing better. Very impressed you made your Saturday workout. And am so glad that it was worthwhile.

  2. edens Says:

    Meg is better but it has moved on to Eden and me now. Yuck. This might take a significant toll on my training this week. Oh well.

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