Sometimes you just have to laugh

    I bought a new bike, on ebay no less. It seems like a pretty good bike, but what do I know really?  Anyway, I took it out today for my first real road ride on a bike in years.  All my “biking” recently has been either on a stationary bike or a spin class.  Anyway, I was psyched for the “brick” Saturday workout – a bike and then run. I set out, alone (yes, that was my first mistake), on an 8 mile loop in RTP.  This was a loop suggested by the TNT coach and normally we might go together but the coach is out of the country this weekend.  I had planned on maybe doing it twice.  Anyway, I’m riding along for a while thinking “I’m good at this. This is fun” when the first thing I notice is some woman on a bike whooshes past me.  Not only was this embarrassing, it was scary too.  So, I thought, I’m slow, I can deal with that.  Then I notice I’m also really unsteady.  Boy, now I’m getting worried.  Not only am I slow, I’m also unbalanced and can’t even ride a bike straight.   Suddenly, my vision of finishing this triathlon was going down quickly in flames in my mind and I was feeling really crushed.  Then, I realized something about my tire was funny.  Soooo.. turns out 3 miles in on my first real bike ride – I got a flat tire.  Of course, I knew this might happen but this was a brand new bike and Dave had made a point of putting air in the tires before I left and everything.  Of course here I was at least 4 miles from my car and stuck.  Yes, I know they make bike repair kits to take with you and I need one, but I don’t have one yet.  I called Dave on the cell phone who told me it was okay to keep riding on it.  That was one hellacious 4 more miles.  Finally after an hour of starting, stopping, and sometimes walking with the bike (in my lovely bike shoes) I finally arrived at my car.  I was frustrated but I did my 3 mile run I planned on and went home feeling perplexed about the quality of my bike but not as sad as when I thought I just sucked at road biking.

So, I arrived home and my local bike mechanic (Dave) took a look at the tire.  Turns out the valve was left open after he filled it with air before I left and I guess it slowly leaked out.  The bike and tire seem fine now, and I guess I am too.  Sometimes, you just have to laugh.


2 Responses to “Sometimes you just have to laugh”

  1. Emma Says:

    Things that are much more important than a fanny pack repair kit (I have one, but that doesn’t matter because I don’t know how to use it – in junior high school I could change a bike tire, but the last time I tried – I was completely useless.):
    biking pants with padding, a cell phone and a cat-eye. The cat-eye probably won’t make you a better biker, but it makes the ride more entertaining. I love knowing how fast and far I have gone. The last time I got a flat, I didn’t have a cell phone and I am not going to ride on a busted tire, so I had to walk the bike a half mile or so to the Fish and Stuff and call my Prince Charming to come pick me up. I will carry my cell phone on all rides in the future.

    My siblings will also tell you that you need a camelbak. I don’t ride long enough to make a camelbak necessary.

  2. edens Says:

    Sounds like your flat tire was worth it just to experience the Fish and Stuff. I can only imagine what the “Stuff” might be. I think Dave has a Cat Eye and I’ll see if he will loan it to me. I think he owes me one for sending me out with the tire valve open!! Definitely got the padded pants. Even with my natural padding I know that one is a necessity.

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