A quarter way there

Hard to believe but I’m over a month into the training now with 3 more months to go. Our training plan is challenging but doable thus far. We have 3 weeks of building up with more and more time put into the workouts then a recovery week. This week ends a 3 week cycle and I’m looking forward to a slightly easier week next week. I put in about 5 hours total with three runs, two swims and three bike workouts this week. I’ve pretty much gotten the workouts in but finding enough time has been tough. I did have to wake up at 5:30 one morning to bike (on the stationary bike of course since I still have PTSD from last weekend’s flat tire) , and I planned to do it again later in the week but turned off the alarm. Since I didn’t get quite enough bike minutes in this week I did another “brick” today – bike then run. Because it’s so cold today this was a 45 min spin class followed by a little over a 4 mile treadmill run. It went surprisingly well and was a testimony to the fact that I’ve gotten stronger since I know I couldn’t have done that a month ago. It’s really too bad the whole triathlon can’t be indoors as I really like having a bathroom right beside me the whole time! So, on the training front, I’m progressing and if all goes as planned I should be able to finish this thing strong on June 24th. I’m hopeful right now and that feels good.

Perhaps my good outlook is due to the amazing fundraising support I’ve gotten. I think I was more nervous about the money raising than the workouts when all this started but I’m no longer worried about that end. I’ve been shocked at the generosity and thoughtfulness of so many friends and family members. A group of wonderful neighbors are planning a group garage sale with some proceeds to go to the LLS. I am so grateful to live near such lovely people! It is heartwarming and so encouraging to see the donations and well wishes come in. As much as we’ve tried to be a strong family who stand up to what comes at us I know we couldn’t do it without these incredible folks in our lives. Thanks so much guys! I sure couldn’t do this without you.


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