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It takes a culdesac…. to raise 2300 dollars!!

April 30, 2007

The Team !2300 dollars!

I never thought a yard sale could bring in 2300 dollars. Unbelievable!! It was beyond a total success. Not only did we make great money I think everyone truly had a great time. The weather was incredible. We ate Krispy Kreme donuts during the event then celebrated with pizza, cake and ice cream and toasted ourselves and our hard work. There was an atmosphere of community spirit like I’ve never experienced before and there were tears of joy… from me mostly, but still, an awesome day!

I’ve been thinking about this experience and realized that life is punctuated by big events that color your memories and impact how you see yourself and your life from then on. There are weddings, births and deaths, etc., – positive or negative, these events change people and for me this neighborhood yard sale was one of those. To look around and see my neighbors all wearing Team in Training shirts while pricing each other’s “treasures”, lugging giant furniture, organizing and staging old clothes and toys, selling the chairs right out from under them (that weren’t actually for sale until someone asked!) and promoting the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society was amazing! Then we stood and had pictures taken together along with my triathlon teammate Mandy and my coach Bruce (who road over from RTP on his bike to be there!). I was so pumped up afterward that even after standing in the culdesac from 6am to 2pm I ran 5 miles in the late afternoon and it felt incredible! Just goes to show you so much of exercise is truly mental.

People say that neighborhoods aren’t like they used to be, that we’re all isolated in our houses looking at computers and TVs, that there is no sense of community – well, they haven’t been to Pitch Pine Lane! I am so honored and thankful to live here and overwhelmed by the support and love of these people. I plan to float through this week on the high of this event and try not to forget that most people (at least around this street) really do care.



April 27, 2007

Tomorrow is the big yard sale event – a multifamily sale dreamed up by my neighbors with all proceeds to go to the LLS. I still cannot get over the generosity and thoughtfulness of these folks, especially now as I’m beginning to get a feel for how much work this is.

I spent the better part of the last evening rummaging through donations and trying to set up some organization for it all. One person’s junk is another’s treasure and the other ladies and I were coveting some of the stuff already although we have bets on whether some more unusual items will sell at all. I won’t go into that.

I’ll try to update later in the weekend when it’s all over to give a total earned and a play by play. I know right now I’m exhausted after dreaming all night about haggling over prices. But, I’m also surprisingly energized and excited about how the effort of just small group of creative folks can make a difference. It’s easy to forget that sometimes. I’m in the middle of reading the book The Tipping Point and it seems one of the author’s theories is about how one (or two or three in this case) motivated and energized person can really make big changes. How was I so lucky to live near so many of these people?

Happy Birthday Dave! Here’s to 41 more years!

April 19, 2007



April 18, 2007

This is a recovery week in our training – a week to back off a little after ramping things up over the last three weeks.

I really need a little recovery. It’s been a tough time lately for me and so many others. I spent the better part of the last 2 days with my Dad at Duke where he had a cardiac cath and saw a new specialist. Hopefully the new medicine he is starting will help. He is so short of breath now even with oxygen on all the time. While we were stuck at Duke yesterday waiting (7 hours!) to start his catheterization over 33 students were shot at Virginia Tech. 33 students who just left for class like any other morning. 33 students who never came back. I can’t imagine how their families and friends can deal with that.

Good health is so underappreciated but desperately missed. I am so grateful for the ability to swim and bike and run these miles that it makes the sore legs and tired body not so difficult to take. We rode 16 miles and then immediately ran 5 on Sat and I was spent. I walked up the last hill between 4 and 5 miles. There was just nothing left. How horrible it must be to feel like that all the time! I was able to bounce back though and I ran from the downhill onward to finish strong with the whole 5 miles under 45 minutes. I do not take this ability for granted because I know personally the defeated feeling that comes from physical weakness and illness. I spent 4 months on bedrest while pregnant and remember not being able to walk up stairs or stand up in the shower. Every time I run, bike and swim I remember that sense of helplessness and I hope to never go there again. So to everyone who may feel like giving up, whatever the challenge you might be facing, let’s all recover for a while and come back stronger again soon.  See you then..

April 10, 2007

We had a wonderful Easter up in the mountains of NC at a lovely place called Earthshine Mountain Lodge outside Asheville. It was a great family get away with fun for everyone. Dave and I did the zip line (flying from tree to tree 70 feet in the air) and the high ropes course and Eden played nonstop with a new best friend named Sydney. Meg hung out with Grandma and I think both enjoyed their time together. The Easter Bunny found us and we even survived the 20 degree nights.

Because we spent the weekend in close quarters I got to know some of the other guests. Turns out, Sydney’s Mom completed a half marathon with Team in Training back in 2003. It was held in Alaska. She signed up for it because her brother was diagnosed with leukemia (and lymphoma) in 2002. Unfortunately he passed away after a failed stem cell transplant in Feb 2003 but she went on to complete the event in June that year. She told me of how helpful it was to have the support of Team in Training and to have the goal of this event to focus on during that time in her life. She told me of how emotional it was for her to cross that finish line. I was impressed by her strength as she recounted it. I thought about her and about that finish line today while I biked in the cold and ran with “brick” legs. It seemed even more worth it now. The weekend was a wonderful rest all around. This is another of the hardest weeks of our training cycle but I’m actually excited about it now.  Hopefully,  I can maintain this positive attitude a bit longer.

Spring in NC – Nothing Finer

April 1, 2007

Meg, Eden and tulipsMeg, Eden and tulips

Great biking weather. Great running weather. Great everything weather. This is why I live here. Even biking 20 miles and running almost 3 yesterday felt pretty good. Good enough that I went back out today for another hour bike ride. Unfortunately, I bet it won’t feel like this in June in Philadelphia.

Thanks to all of you for reading and sending your encouraging comments. I appreciate the well wishes a lot. These last couple weeks have had their highs and lows with big energy dips and frustrating stressors, but this triathlon and all your encouragement serves as such a booster for me (and for Dave by the transitive property)! I wish you all a wonderful spring week and a happy holiday of your choosing.