We had a wonderful Easter up in the mountains of NC at a lovely place called Earthshine Mountain Lodge outside Asheville. It was a great family get away with fun for everyone. Dave and I did the zip line (flying from tree to tree 70 feet in the air) and the high ropes course and Eden played nonstop with a new best friend named Sydney. Meg hung out with Grandma and I think both enjoyed their time together. The Easter Bunny found us and we even survived the 20 degree nights.

Because we spent the weekend in close quarters I got to know some of the other guests. Turns out, Sydney’s Mom completed a half marathon with Team in Training back in 2003. It was held in Alaska. She signed up for it because her brother was diagnosed with leukemia (and lymphoma) in 2002. Unfortunately he passed away after a failed stem cell transplant in Feb 2003 but she went on to complete the event in June that year. She told me of how helpful it was to have the support of Team in Training and to have the goal of this event to focus on during that time in her life. She told me of how emotional it was for her to cross that finish line. I was impressed by her strength as she recounted it. I thought about her and about that finish line today while I biked in the cold and ran with “brick” legs. It seemed even more worth it now. The weekend was a wonderful rest all around. This is another of the hardest weeks of our training cycle but I’m actually excited about it now.  Hopefully,  I can maintain this positive attitude a bit longer.


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