This is a recovery week in our training – a week to back off a little after ramping things up over the last three weeks.

I really need a little recovery. It’s been a tough time lately for me and so many others. I spent the better part of the last 2 days with my Dad at Duke where he had a cardiac cath and saw a new specialist. Hopefully the new medicine he is starting will help. He is so short of breath now even with oxygen on all the time. While we were stuck at Duke yesterday waiting (7 hours!) to start his catheterization over 33 students were shot at Virginia Tech. 33 students who just left for class like any other morning. 33 students who never came back. I can’t imagine how their families and friends can deal with that.

Good health is so underappreciated but desperately missed. I am so grateful for the ability to swim and bike and run these miles that it makes the sore legs and tired body not so difficult to take. We rode 16 miles and then immediately ran 5 on Sat and I was spent. I walked up the last hill between 4 and 5 miles. There was just nothing left. How horrible it must be to feel like that all the time! I was able to bounce back though and I ran from the downhill onward to finish strong with the whole 5 miles under 45 minutes. I do not take this ability for granted because I know personally the defeated feeling that comes from physical weakness and illness. I spent 4 months on bedrest while pregnant and remember not being able to walk up stairs or stand up in the shower. Every time I run, bike and swim I remember that sense of helplessness and I hope to never go there again. So to everyone who may feel like giving up, whatever the challenge you might be facing, let’s all recover for a while and come back stronger again soon.  See you then..


One Response to “Recovery”

  1. Emma Says:

    It sounds like your running is really improving. Very impressed! Happy recovery week and Happy Birthday, Dave!!

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