Meg’s got a new perspective too - glasses!I’ve been thinking about this word, perspective, and found one particular definition I like.. the ability to perceive things in their actual interrelations or level of importance.

This is something I really didn’t have as a teenager and probably not as a twenty-something. I wish sometimes I could go back and relive a day or two at various ages but take my thirty-seven year old perspective with me. I think I’d have more fun than I did then.

Perspective is something I’ve gained with age and time and unfortunately, with difficult circumstances. It helps me see the small stuff for what it is and let it go. There’s been a lot of small stuff lately – gripes at work, GI viruses, dental work, etc. but the impact of each is short and fleeting.

Having a clearer perspective and a handle on what really matters is freeing and grounding for me. Did it come after Meg was born? Maybe.. I know that certainly helped me redefine my goals and thoughts about being a parent. Once I had a child who will never be “perfect” I learned to appreciate my kids for new reasons and accept imperfections as part of life. That was hard for a type A competitive person like myself. Did it come after Dave was diagnosed with lymphoma? Maybe.. I know those little irritating parts of living in the same household aren’t so irritating anymore. When Dave leaves the kitchen cabinet doors open after taking something out of them, as he is so prone to do, I often smile and think “Dave’s been here this morning” – rather than “Damn, why can’t he close those cabinets?!”.

Maybe it’s just come with age and with living, but whatever the reason I know it’s helped me live happier and better lately. It’s what helped me choose better friendships, say no to things when I don’t have time, ignore people and circumstances that are negative and unhelpful, and even sign up for something I never thought I could do – an olympic distance triathlon! So, would I choose different circumstances in my life? Of course, I’m not that foolish, but, I’d sure like to keep this same perspective!

Did you notice Meg’s new perspective? Glasses!


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