The little match girls

Back when I was pregnant with Meg and first discovered I was going to have another girl I immediately thought of dressing the two of them up in matching outfits for holidays and photos. I couldn’t help it. Maybe it was the hormones. Anyway, when Meg arrived she came with her own surprises and in the thick of other more important matters I quickly forgot all about the matching outfits. It seemed trivial in the great scheme of things.

As they’ve gotten older though, I admit I do buy them matching dresses on occasion as do their grandmothers. Perhaps it fulfills some sort of fantasy of the perfect family with the two beautiful perfect girls – one big and one small. For Mother’s Day this year, Dave secretly took the girls to Picture People and had a lovely photo made of them in matching Hanna Andersson dresses I recently ordered. This is a much more difficult feat than you might imagine since it involved schlepping them both to Southpoint mall.  Parking there on a Saturday is enough to wear your patience even without two kids in tow. Then trying to make both of them photogenic, which doesn’t run in their genes on either side, is no small task. Meg is especially hard since the usual attempts to get her attention are generally less likely to work. I’ve watched those photographers almost perform circus acts while she stares off to the side as if nothing was happening. But, Dave did it! He managed to get not just one but two nice poses of both girls looking almost catalog perfect and it made a great surprise present for me yesterday.

I would download the perfect little girls photo here if I had a scanner – and any technical skills whatsoever, but I think the one I managed to download here is more appropriate anyway. This one is of Eden and Meg last week wearing their matching horsey tee shirts that Eden picked out during her birthday shopping trip last December. She was so thrilled to find tee shirts with both horses AND glitter! She was even more excited to discover a size for Meg too. I was a bit horrified but bit my tongue. Eden prefers what I consider the Princess/Vegas Showgirl/Deadhead look – imagine glitter and sequins on prarie skirts and tank tops with some butterflies or unicorns printed on it and you’ve got the idea. Those of you who know me know this was not my influence. Dave lovingly calls me “monochrome” since for me to wear something with more than one color is really getting wild. My wardrobe tends to consist of Lands End sweater sets and sweaty work out clothes. Anyway, as long as Eden is not showing too much skin or endangering herself in some way, I don’t fight it. She is who she is after all, just like Meg. So, I really love this photo because it’s the anti-catalog children. I was a lucky Mom on mother’s day because my children are real and wonderful and everything I ever wanted, but didn’t know it. Hanna might not be proud, but I sure am!  img_1174.jpg


3 Responses to “The little match girls”

  1. Leigh Says:

    Ella would wet herself with joy were she ever to see a shirt like the girls have. I find clothes the hardest battle, one I never thought I would be fighting with a not-quite-four year old child. What kills me is the inconsistancy: something I think she would love, and, indeed, mayhave liked last week is suddenly not OK, other things suddenly are great. We willsee all of you on Memorial Day!!

  2. Emma Says:

    Happy Mothers day to you. The girls look adorable. And I love Meg’s glasses below. Can’t wait to see the pic that Dave had done when we get up there next time. I had to laugh at the monochrome nickname. Franz let it slip last weekend that my step mother-in-law constantly comments on how I am always wearing brown.

  3. Neva Says:

    Hi Emma,
    That’s funny, but I bet you don’t wear as much brown as this lady. who wore the same brown dress every day for a year!

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