Who is on your life soundtrack?

I have always been a music person. I remember getting my first record player at age 4 (maybe 5?) and listening to my Sesame Street album over and over. Then I quickly moved on to 45s and I developed quite a collection (which I still have in a closet upstairs). I remember listening to the Top 40 and running out to buy the number one song on a 45 record for a dollar. Captain and Tennille and their horrible Muskrat Love song comes to mind as one I “had to have”. There were also many times when I held a tape machine up to the speaker on the radio to record my favorite songs. Oh, the one hit wonders! Do you remember A Taste of Honey’s Sukiyaki? I would pick up the needle and play it back line by line to learn all the words. “It’s all because of you. I’m feeling sad and blue. You went away and now my life is just a rainy day”. It is engraved in my brain forever.
By junior high I began to stretch out a bit beyond the number one hits. I was “alternative” – at least for a girl from Salisbury – remember we only had a few radio channels and no MTV yet! I joined BMG and ordered albums – Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours, Billy Joel’s Glass Houses, ACDC Back in Black, Styx, Foreigner, etc. – still have those too. I went to my first concert (Duran Duran – aren’t you jealous!) in 1984 and spent many a teenage angst- filled evening listening to Depeche Mode’s Fly on the Windscreen on the tape player of my friend Michelle’s car (the Ford Fiesta lovingly known as the “tomato”). Boy, those guys in Depeche Mode sure were depressed! Finally by high school I had discovered REM and that one stuck for quite a while. My greatest college memories involve going to incredible shows at the Cat’s Cradle and elsewhere. There is just nothing like the impact of good music.

Even now that I’m “old” I still love music of almost any sort (and, if you don’t believe I’m old just reread the above references to record players and Captain and Tennille). By marrying Dave my taste broadened a bit to include blue grass (Doc Watson is one of his favorites) and sometimes I even tolerate his Beastie Boys CDs. I still don’t get his love of the Chemical Brothers and his constant listening to WXYC (the UNC student station) even when the music on it is mostly terrible.

I am writing about this today because I realized recently that my training for this triathlon has been punctuated by various songs that I have placed on my ipod and like the rest of my life this time will always be remembered by the soundtrack surrounding it. I have run over 150 miles since this started and ridden many, many more while listening to lots of different music. Recently I set my ipod to shuffle on all the music I’ve purchased from the itunes music store and the variety is impressive. There is the Cheetah Girls (Eden’s choice, not mine, but I’ve been known to sing along), Yo Yo Ma, Justin Timberlake (if you say you don’t like his song Sexy Back I’m sorry you’re just lying), Lucinda Williams, Kanye West, U2, Johnny Cash, Joni Mitchell, India.Arie, Melissa Ethridge, The Blind Boys of Alabama, Nirvana, Coldplay, Kacy Crowley (my neighbor’s sister and a great singer/songwriter) and much, much more. Music helps motivate me and keeps my feet moving. Sometimes I discover I’m singing out loud as I run down the street which can be rather embarrassing.

My most recent music discoveries have come from animated movie soundtracks – Shark Tale, Curious George, Happy Feet, The Wild, Meet the Robinsons – all have had good music. My wild nights of concert going have given way to matinees with the kids and I guess it shows, but at least it’s not Lawrence Welk.. yet. But, I’m always looking for new music. Think Lawrence is on i tunes?


2 Responses to “Who is on your life soundtrack?”

  1. Emma Says:

    Not only do I remember Sukiyaki, but I had the sheet music for it. It was really hard – I never got the hang of it. It was in the same piano book that had Open Arms by Journey in it and at least one Chicago song. I remember someone giving me the 45 for “You Can Ring my Bell” and I played that one a lot. I also liked to sing along with songs where I could say a bad word out lout – like Elton John’s “Someone Saved my Life Tonight” and “Don’t Bring me Down.”

  2. Wanda Says:

    Do you still have the sheet music to sukiyaki by a taste of honey? I would love to purchase it if you do.

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