Stars Align

I have to admit it – I got really tired this week. Our coach has said that our tri-tri team (there are three of us) is very positive and not whiney but this weekend I did a little whining.This was probably the hardest week so far in our training. A 7 mile run in the middle of the week (and it was HOT here) and lots of swimming and biking too with two long bricks at either end of the week. But… it’s on to another recovery week now and then just two more weeks before the race. I am seeing the light and I think today I have crossed over from tired and have begun to feel excited. The 60 minute massage I indulged myself in yesterday at the YMCA helped tremendously as did a good night’s sleep.

Later today we’re meeting at Jordan Lake to swim. I got a smaller wetsuit and I get to try it out. The weather is cooling off and the plants are getting some much needed rain. Things are looking up.

It’s been a great week on the homefront too. Meg took two small steps without her walker which is tremendous, and Eden has been wowing us with her reading. She just got her first library card and has been through 10 chapter books already. She is excited that soon she’ll be a first grader and get to sign up for the first grade reading program at the library.

We had one of those fabulous nights last night when all the stars align and everyone is relaxed and happy. Eden danced and sang. Meg squealed with delight at anything we did and dinner tasted good but felt like no work. It was wonderful to have no plans and to just enjoy each other. Last year at this time we learned about Dave’s lymphoma and at that time I could think of nothing more I wanted than a carefree, relaxed evening with my family and no worries. I thought I might never have it again.

img_1172.jpgLast night, I got it and I’m mighty grateful.


2 Responses to “Stars Align”

  1. Emma Says:

    What a great entry! I can’t believe the race is almost here. You’re doing great.

  2. mollie Says:

    im so happy for you! so sorry i haven’t been checking in.. but i have been thinking of you!

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