I did it!

Just wanted to say all went well and I finished strong at 3 hours 16 minutes. After a night of no sleep at all and rising at 4:30 I swam, biked and ran to the finish and felt great! I’ll tell more later with pictures but it was just a fabulous experience all around!!


4 Responses to “I did it!”

  1. Millie and Jeff Says:

    Congratulations! Thats exciting. We look forward to seeing the pictures.


  2. Beth Says:

    Congratulations, Neva!! We were thinking of you over at xtcian.com!

  3. Jennifer Goldman Payne Says:

    Congrats!!! We missed you in Salisbury–it was lots of fun, but so proud of you for your accomplishment! I am still in awe. Jennifer ps–your blog entry about Holland was very poignant! I love the essay you spoke of and often use it with parents I meet along my journey on “the other side”. Keep patting yourself on the back!

  4. Cathryn Says:

    Congratulations! Great time, too! You can be very, very proud of your accomplishment and you had the entire crew over at xtcian.com cheering you on!

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