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The End – at least for now

July 9, 2007

I’m taking a break from the blog. Maybe temporary. Not sure yet.

I have big plans and lots of excitement ahead. Considering a half marathon in November and planning a big fund raiser for my friend Kristine’s maternity hospital in Malawi.

Although it’s been fun to blog about the race and my preparations for it, I’m not feeling the urge to keep going with the blogging. I’ve always been a journal keeper on and off, and I’ve enjoyed this experience and the encouraging comments from friends and family. As mostly an introverted person sometimes it feels a little too personal to put all this out there. It also feels like the things really worth writing about – my day to day struggles with work, family, etc. aren’t ideal for public consumption and to me at least, the rest feels too trivial right now.

I might be back sometime – perhaps when the fund raising and training get going into full swing again. I think I’ve been bitten by the bug of endurance events and philanthropy, but maybe not blogging so much. For now though, thanks for reading and happy summer!

Here’s a last photo of my cuties. Eden has taken a recent interest in taking care of Meg. Nothing like having a little doll all your own! Here they are in the airport coming back from Philly. Meg fell asleep in her arms.


Mission Accomplished

July 3, 2007

Well, by now you know I finished. And it was awesome. I proved that an overwhelmed mother of two with lots of “special” needs who never thought she could even run more than 4 miles and owned no road bike, CAN complete an olympic triathlon. Probably the best part though was the encouragement and support I got from other people. So many people wrote checks, sent notes, asked about how I was doing, read the blog, sent me gifts and words of encouragement. Some even traveled to Philadelphia with me! I met incredible people I wouldn’t have known, became closer to my neighbors and more appreciative of my family. All that, and raised $10,000 for a great cause! What an amazing experience. Thanks for following along. june-2007-philly-and-fathers-day-018.jpg

Now, on to the next big thing!!!

Run, Neva, run.

July 1, 2007

25nevarunstart.jpgGuess I better finish writing about this race before I forget all the details!

So, the run was what I was dreading. Until this training I never considered myself a very good runner and based on times I’m still not, really. However, gradually increasing my running distances since February has taught me that I don’t have to have knee pain or misery after running and that I can actually enjoy it – sometimes. Some times it’s still bad and I have to tell myself that it gets better because for some reason the first mile or so is always miserable, but there is this euphoria that starts for me around mile 3 that is just addictive.

The run part of this race was actually fun.. after I found a port a potty. After two kids I have a small and pitiful bladder. It does not like to run when it’s full and since I tried to hydrate well on the bike my bladder was screaming. After racking my bike, removing the helmet and changing into running shoes I was off toward the exit of the transition area and eyeing those port-a-potties. Unfortunately, the race officials wouldn’t let me go that way (they were the opposite direction of the run) and they assured me there were more on the race route. In the picture above I have just left transition and begun running and all I am thinking about is my bladder. That was an uncomfortable 3/4 of a mile and I was about to find a tree at any moment and risk embarrassment and disqualification when finally a beautiful port-a-potty came into view. After that, everything about the run seemed easier for me and downright fun.

The run route was flat and the first 3 miles were in shade. Eden and Dave were waiting at the half way point (near the finish) and the cheering helped tremendously. The second half was out on a flat, sunny road. That was tougher since I’m terrible in heat and sweat tremendously. I used the frequent water stops as dunking stations and that helped a lot. I passed Fletch and his family twice (once around 4 miles before the turnaround and once on the way back toward the finish). Once I hit the final turnaround at about 4.5 miles I knew it was the homestretch and I smiled all the way in. My feet were hurting as they always seem to do at about mile 5 but my hamstring had behaved and I could even pick it up to a semi-sprint through the finish. My 10K time was 63 minutes which is not too shabby considering some of that was spent in the port-a-potty and it came after 2 and half hours of swim/bike before. Maybe I am a runner now? Here I am approaching the finish line. More about the finish later (you didn’t think this was over yet did ya?).june-2007-philly-and-fathers-day-015.jpg