Yes, I said I wasn’t coming back, but the recent “firsts” seemed too good not to document somewhere.

After a lovely week at Topsail beach, Eden started first grade and it went fabulously. She is so excited. She is made for school I think. Loves to “do homework”, reading voraciously (even taking books on the bus to read on the way to school) and thrilled to get the “I followed the first grade rules” tickets every day. I hope the excitement never fades. On the evening of her first day she lost a front tooth and wrote an extensive letter to the tooth fairy pleading for extra cash since, after all, it was her first day of first grade. The tooth fairy gave in. What a sucker she is.

Meg also started school again after a week long break. She is trying to walk more on her own, taking as many as 3 steps alone, and going everywhere with her walker. She is also experiencing those sleep disruptions all kids get when they make developmental advances but I keep telling myself that should pass. I hope I’m right! We’re all tired.

I’m finally well after a long bout with pneumonia and back to running again. Haven’t signed up yet but strongly considering the half marathon in November. It feels good to be moving again without wheezing and I’m hoping to feel as strong as I did before soon.

Started a course to become a facilitator of weight loss and fitness groups which might help expand my professional life in 2008 and still in early discussions around the next big fund raiser.

Dave has a follow up CT scan in September that is looming but for now we will enjoy these good times.



One Response to “Firsts”

  1. Kyle Worsham Says:

    Congratulations on your Triathlon and glad you are feeling better. You have inspired me to consider the half marathon as well… we’ll see on that one. I have you and Dave in my thoughts and glad to hear your enjoying good times this summer. Keep up the training!!!

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