Happy Valentine’s Day

Dave and Eden went to their annual father daughter Valentine’s Dance last week. They were incredibly cute and sweet.  They closed down the place by staying until 9pm and Eden still wanted to dance.  Eden asked me to french braid her hair which looked great but she evidently pulled it out within 10 minutes of driving away.  Oh well.
Back when I was young and carefree and imagined having children I remember being excited about a couple different things.  First, the warm snuggly feeling of holding and comforting your own infant.  And I was right, that is indescribably wonderful.  The other thing I envisioned was the stage Eden’s in now – this happy, curious period between babyhood and teenager stage.  The elementary school years so far are awesome.  I took her to the Life and Science museum and the Ackland art museum last weekend and we had a ball.  She reads the exhibits, asks questions, is fascinated, excited and interested in everything.  She makes me enjoy life more. 2008-valentines-day-father-daughter-dance-004.jpgAnd… she still wants to hold my hand while we walk around.  She’s thrilled to be with me and I feel the same.  I wish I could hold on to this time forever.


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