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June 1, 2008

Lately it seems every day brings a new milestone and I find myself awed by how quickly my kids, especially Eden, are growing up.  Eden is about to finish first grade and has delved into many new activities with a gusto she’s never had before.  She and Dave went to a father/daughter camp out recently. That alone was a huge step for a “Mama’s girl” who would never have left her overnight before.  But, once there, she did a zip line from a 40 foot tower.  This, from a girl, who would not ride a ride a Disney world and never jumped off the diving board at the pool.  Shocker! 

Then, because this weekend was such a success, she decided to attempt that diving board and is now obsessed with jumping off it.  In usual Eden fashion she wanted to master it the same day she tried it and counted 25 jumps the first day!  Finally, after many years of starting but not completing athletic activities, Eden has joined both the swim team and a soccer team and seems to enjoy both.  Swam in her first swim meet yesterday and, though very nervous, was incredibly proud of herself finishing her 25 freestyle race respectably.  She is looking forward to doing backstroke next time.

Last night, she lost another tooth. She’s almost done with the baby teeth which seems just about right at the moment.  It’s bittersweet. I love seeing her feel so confident and independent but sometimes I miss “Mama’s baby”.  But I am so grateful and impressed with the person she is and the signs of the person she is becoming.  Thoughtful, curious, interesting, funny and empathetic.  Every day I feel lucky to be her Mom.